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    South Texas Office

    10010 Houston Oaks Dr.
    Houston, TX 77064
    Phone: (832) 912-2000
    Fax: (832) 912-2006

    North Texas Office

    3301 Pleasant Valley Ln.
    Arlington, TX 76015
    Phone: (832) 912-2000
    Fax: (817) 784-1708

    Sales, Service & Support

    Sales: (832) 912-2000
    Service & Support: (888) 823-2967

    Product Lines

    AmTTech has been an exclusive distributor of Daewoo / Doosan CNC machine tools for 22 years. Today we offer a broad range of product lines that can cover all your CNC machine tool needs. Some of the product lines we offer are SMEC machine tools and robotics, Accuway, CNC Systems (Averex / Vision Wide / Feeler / DMC / Honor Seiki), Hanwha, Momentum Machine Tool Company, Sister, Southwestern Industries TRAK & ProtoTRAK and Leistritz. We are always adding additional products to better serve the ever-changing machine tool market. Whether you are a large or small operation, please feel free to call us anytime to see how we can put together a solution to take your company to the next level. For more product information, please call (832) 912-2000, or you can just fill out this Contact Form.

    ABB Robotics, Accuway, CNC Systems (Averex / Vision Wide / Apex / Honor Seiki), Hanwha, Hwacheon, Momentum Machine Tool Company, Sister, SNK | Niigata, Soraluce, Southwestern Industries TRAK & ProtoTRAK, SVIA Industrial Automation, WFL Millturn Technologies, and YCM. Southwestern Industries CNC Machine Tools Momentum CNC Machine Tools Sister CNC Machine Tools Accuway CNC Machine Tools Hanwha CNC Machine Tools Averex Automation CNC Machine Tools Vision Wide CNC Machine Tools CNC Systems Machine Tools Honor Systems CNC Machine Tools SMEC Machine Tools Feeler CNC Machine Tools DMC CNC Machine Tools leistritz website link