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    Contact AmTTech

    Let our courteous staff be of assistance to your machine tool needs. At AmTTech we care about our customers and our staff takes pride in helping our customers with all their inquiries. From the moment you call to handling your requests, our employees take ownership of servicing you.

    Take a moment to send us your questions and comments. We'll be happy to help! We are always glad to answer any questions you may have regarding AmTTech's products and services. Don't hesitate to contact us by calling (832) 912-2000, or you can just fill out our Sales Contact Form.

    South Texas Office

    10010 Houston Oaks Dr.
    Houston, TX 77064
    Phone: (832) 912-2000
    Fax: (832) 912-2006

    North Texas Office

    3301 Pleasant Valley Ln.
    Arlington, TX 76015
    Phone: (832) 912-2000
    Fax: (817) 784-1708

    Sales, Service & Support

    Sales: (832) 912-2000
    Service & Support: (888) 823-2967